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Suspension Skateboards 

Complete suspension skateboards built to absorb the road and give you a smooth, fluid riding experience like no other. 

Astro 30
Astro 30
Astro 30
Astro 30
Astro 30

Astro Suspension Complete

L: 30"  |  W: 9.25"  |  WB: 15.5"

Stellar 33
Stellar 33
Stellar 33
Stellar 33
Stellar 33

Stellar Suspension Complete  

L: 33"  |  W: 9.00"  |  WB: 16.0"

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A Better Cruising Experience

Cruiser-style completes built for the FlexPlate Suspension System - a miniaturized suspension system for skateboards to soak up the road and give you seamless transitions between turns. 

It's the first complete suspension skateboard of its kind, designed and tested for a unique blend of smooth and surf.

FlexPlate Suspension System

From fresh pavement to rough road, our patented FlexPlates are designed to absorb vibrations and give you a smoother ride. Miniaturized leaf springs under your feet, compressing with the road and adapting to your movements.

Cruising is about more than just pivoting around a bushing - FlexPlates have a multi-directional flex that responds with your movements. 

Our FlexPlates are manufactured right here in Southern California

Custom Built for the Road

Quality 8-ply Canadian maple for a more durable deck under your feet, and a flat mounting surface fit for suspension spring plates.

Simple wood stains and a clear coat to highlight the handcraft and timeless design.

All of our completes ship ready to ride with soft durometer shockpad to reduce vibrations from the road. 

Stop Pivoting and Start Flowing

A  1" floating zone between the deck and trucks allows for deeper carving and increased turning - letting you glide through turns and never having to worry about wheel bite again.

Whether you ride with loose or tight trucks, having suspension spring plates on both the nose and tail gives you a full-board experience like no other. A smooth responsiveness that makes your board feel more like an extension of your body.

From our Riders:

FlexPlate Suspension Skate Kit 

Everything you need to add FlexPlates to your board

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