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Suspension Skate Trucks:

Making your own suspension skateboard trucks with
the FlexPlate Suspension Skate Kit

Assembly guide

Adding suspension to your skateboard, cruiser, or longboard gives a unique riding experience like no other. BoostPlates can be added to your truck and deck combination of choice for a smooth, new ride. 

Built to absorb the road and give you fluid turning, suspension FlexPlates are engineered and heat treated to flex with your movements. 

The FlexPlate Suspension Skate Kit comes with just about everything you need to add suspension to your board. Here's a guide on assembling and installing your new setup.

Draw your Centerline

Prep your board: remove your trucks from your deck.

Mark halfway between the standard bolt holes

Use a ruler or straight edge and connect the halfway marks to create a centerline.

Choose your Wheelbase

To match the same wheelbase on your board,  mark 3.75 inches from the original inner bolt holes on your deck.
That's where the outer-most BoostPlate holes will go

Wheelbase Adjustments

Here you can increase or decrease your wheelbase based on your preference. 

A longer wheelbase will usually give you more stability and increased turning radius. A shorter wheelbase will usually have shorter, snappier turning overall.

Since you're choosing where you add the new BoostPlate mounting holes, you can adjust and customize your wheelbase to your ride style.

Whether you're matching your existing wheelbase (3.75" offset) or widening/shortening your wheelbase, make sure to mark the board for your reference

Drill Template

Keep the drill template aligned with your centerline.

Move template to where your holes match up with your wheelbase mark.

Using the included 7/32" drill bit, hold the template in place to keep your alignment and drill your first hole.

Add a bolt through your new hole to keep it the template in place, and repeat the process with the remaining holes (starting with the opposite hole in the template)

Note: We include a slightly oversized drill bit than the standard 3/16" skateboard bolt. This allows for easier assembly and gives a little more room for error when adding new holes.


All the necessary hardware for assembly

Truck Hardware

Use the rounded pan-head bolts to attach your trucks to the suspension BoostPlates.

Mounts to both old or new school truck patterns.


A rubber ShockPad to compress with the concave of your deck and give a flat mounting surface for the FlexPlates.

A soft durometer to dampen additional vibrations from the road.

Deck Hardware

Use the flat top bolts to add the BoostPads and the BoostPlates to your deck.