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How it All Started ...

Cruz Control started with the mission to build a board that fit our lifestyle - a board that would let you shred the streets and control your speed.

With some rough sketches of a suspension system and detachable brake, our Certified Smart Guy and Lead Engineer, Mark mocked up some 3D models of a next generation skateboard.

We entered our school's incubator and talked to fellow skaters to see what they loved, and what they didn't. Whether it was on campus, in the city, or on the boardwalk, we agreed on a couple things - 

Rough road & brick sidewalks steal our speed, and
the foot brake leaves us, "ripping through shoes like Kleenex"

We took to the Shop

Showing our early prototypes of the Cruz Control system, we took in our initial feedback and went back to the whiteboard to design on the next version

Hand cut, bent, and heated, our first Boosts were born.

Our first prototypes weren't pretty but they had ... character

While in San Francisco for our last semesters at Northeastern University, we doubled down on the "Boost" and frankenstein'd the first full-board suspension system. The second we experienced the super smooth and surfy feel of our board, we knew it was going to change the way we ride forever.

After shipping our first round of Lifted Longboards to riders, friends, and early supporters, we're ready to share the 30" Cruzr and the Carvr with the world.

Lifted Longboards


Born out of a love for cruising & sidewalk surfing 

We wanted to build something that improved something we did every day of our lives - we set out to build a board that would revolutionize the way we ride. We built some things, broke some things, and redesigned a full-board suspension system for skateboards.